Healthy Animals - Healthy Eating
Our specialty pigs benefit from healthy rations of natural, 100% vegetarian feed and fresh clean water. Our Premium Farm Raised Pork is grown and raised without antibiotics. We use methods and production protocols that emphasize animal welfare right from when they are born to the time we lead the animals to our provincially inspected abattoir - right here on our farm -resulting in less-stress for the animals. We care for the pigs during the entire production and apply ourselves to understanding their behaviour and ensuring that they are comfortable at all times. The outcome is flavourful, clean, nutritious, sustainable meat for you to enjoy. Browse our Premium Farm Raised Pork products online .

How do we do it?
We do:
  • Only use nutrient-rich grains as feed - produced on our farm in healthy soils
  • Allow hogs necessary space to exercise and grow - pens are kept very clean
  • Provide ample ventilation
We don't:
  • Use antibiotics or growth hormones at any stage of the production.
Our Premium Farm Raised Pork is registered under the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) and the Animal Care Assessment.

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