Like you, we believe in high quality food
By staying true to our simple, authentic traditions and proven craftsmanship techniques, we create the delicious tastes and textures unique to our cured products. All our Fine Artisan products are skilfully made by our experienced team to create a quality experience for you and your family.

No unnecessary fillers
To compliment the fresh meat flavours, we choose to create our products using only carefully selected spices, herbs, salts, and natural smoke in the appropriate amounts.

Rediscover handcrafted sausages.
From sweet or hot Italian Sausages, melt-in-your-mouth Holsteiner Salami, traditional German Bologna, finger-licking Beef Jerkies, flavoured Honey Garlic Pepperoni Sticks, to Cured Hams and Bacons... We aim to help you and your family rediscover and enjoy the true taste of artisan meat and sausages. Please visit our online store to learn more about how our products are packaged and sold.

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